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DV8 SPORTS Try Before You Buy
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One Mother of Invention

This patented, quick-connect coupler is forged from 5 years of meticulous design and innovation that you can snap-to in 3 seconds. Precision engineered and crafted to allow DV8 clubs to swing, hit, feel and perform like your clubs. In other words, sacrifice is no obstacle.
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We didn’t just think of everything. We rethought everything. From coupler design, size and materials through manufacturing and appearance. All so DV8 clubs would transmit virtually the same flex and performance of standard clubs. Watch it in action. Thanks to our unique, quick-connect coupler, you carry one shaft and change club heads in mere seconds.

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Bring No Baggage

First we reinvented your clubs, then we reinvented your bag. So space is not an obstacle. Weight is not an obstacle. Convenience, function, video lessons and even airline over-sized baggage fees aren’t obstacles. In other words, your DV8 bag has no baggage.
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Inside the Bag
Bag Features #1
  • 13" x 19" x 6" and only 15 lbs with full set of DV8 clubs
  • Interchangeable panel available in 8 fashion colors
  • Lower zippered 9"x 4" storage compartment
Bag Features #2
  • Comfort padded, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Breathable comfort padded back
  • Slots for optional tripod mounting
Bag Features #3
  • Adjustable waist strap prevents shifting while biking
  • Cart-mount straps hold bag securely & upright, loop easily over club holding bar in rear of cart

Practice made perfect. Watch your choice of instructional videos by DV8 staff member and famed PGA Tour Instructor, Rick Smith. Right from your iPad/tablet. Right from your DV8 bag. Right on the range. And with the DV8 bag's tripod accessory, your iPad/tablet camera is in position to film your swing, so you can play it back and review your progress.

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Defy Convention

Forget 14 clubs with 14 shafts. DV8 clubs let you carry 14 different heads, but only one shaft. We simply vary the lower shaft length from coupler to club head, keeping each club true to its regular length and shaft flex. Nothing conventional. Just pure wisdom.
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DV8 driver and fairway woods are state of the art and precision engineered to reduce drag and increase swing speed on impact for superior distance. DV8 cavity back irons are designed for solid, straighter shots and control around the green. Both woods and irons are matched to DV8 specs.

Matrix Shafts Matrix Shafts Logo

The DV8 shaft is precisely that. A custom graphite shaft designed exclusively for DV8 Sports by Matrix, one of the top 3 brands on tour and the choice of elite club makers and savvy tour players alike. Available in a variety of flexes, each has been performance and durability tested to rigid Matrix standards. Your assurance that the shaft is not an obstacle.

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Better Yet, Destroy It

Next, we compared the DV8 driver and 5-iron (with couplers) against these same three brands and again, our 5 iron was near the top in performance and our driver showed only a minor (~3%) overall distance impact. So repeat after us: “performance is not an obstacle.”
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Are distance and accuracy obstacles? We took the club most golfers feel is the most difficult to control, the driver, and put it to the test at a leading independent robotic testing facility in San Diego, CA.
The results speak for themselves.

Robotic Testing Facility

First, we tested traditionally shafted DV8 clubs (no couplers) against three of golf's leading brands to baseline our heads and shafts against the industry’s best. The results showed no statistically significant difference. In fact, the DV8 5-iron was equal to or better than all brands in overall distance.

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