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Go Anywhere/Play Anytime Travel Clubs

The new DV8 Sports travel clubs are even more versatile than advertised. In addition to their ease in traveling by air [you can stow the backpack of your full set of clubs in the overhead] . . they are very handy for keeping in the trunk of your car so you’re ready for a quick 9 holes after work or a session on the driving range. The backpack also has plenty of room for balls, tees, gloves, sunglasses and other items you want to keep handy in a compact carrying case.


Great concept, Excellent Quality and Outstanding Customer Service

I don’t usually write reviews on products but this DV8 golf set is a must have. Great concept, Excellent Quality and Outstanding Customer Service. So easy to travel with that I take my new bag everywhere I go, from East Coast to West Cost to Europe so no more club rentals ( you never know what you are getting anyway). I am not a scratch golfer and I haven’t seen a difference in my game. On the contrary, I play more often and my game has improved. I started with the set of 10 clubs and ordered the remaining 4 shortly after I realized how well they played. The coupling is easy to use and very robust. Like I said, A MUST HAVE!

By Christian V, May 1, 2015

These are great!

They feel and hit just like my regular clubs. In fact, I hit the irons about 5 yards farther than my irons. Keep them in the trunk of my BMW320i convertible (can’t do that with my regular bag) and if rush hour’s got my route home log jammed, I just pull off at the exist near a driving range and hit balls until traffic clears out. I used to take my clubs with me when I travelled to LA, as there’d usually be a down day and I could get in a round of golf, but I just got tired of lugging them around and rental clubs were so outdated and hacked up, I just quit playing when I travel. But now, these clubs will be super easy to take with me. Can’t believe somebody didn’t think of this sooner. I really can’t believe that they can do it and not affect club performance. These clubs are truly great.

BY TINCUP, MAY 2, 2015


DV8 Play

Even getting from the car to the clubhouse with a loaded golf bag can be a hassle. DV8 Play eliminates that challenge by fitting one shaft and 10 clubheads into a nylon backpack that weighs less than 15 pounds in all. A patented coupling mechanism enables swaps in less than three seconds, and the clubs play like the real thing.

By Men’s Journal, 2015


Yes, That’s 14 Clubs

For city dwellers or those who drive smaller cars or motorcycles, getting to the course has made traditional golf bags, at best an inconvenience, at worst, a non-starter.

By Golf Digeststix, 2014


New Light-Weight Golf Clubs, Bag Available For Purchase Online

A set of golf clubs that weighs less than 15 pounds is available for purchase online to make traveling and storage easier. DV8 Sports, an Atlanta-based equipment maker, has patented a golf equipment and bag design for people on the go. The set is roughly one-third the weight and one-quarter the size of a traditional one.

By Forbes, 2014